Speed Bumps

Forced Speed Reduction Devices, so-called “lying policemen” or speed bumps, are traffic safety equipment used in cases when it is necessary to physically limit the speed of motor vehicles in a certain place on the road or on a specified road section in a situation when other methods cannot be applied or their effectiveness is insufficient (before a railway crossing, near children’s institutions, in parking lots, etc.).

The device elements are manufactured according to the ДСТУ 4123-2006 Standard.

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The following traffic signs are installed to warn drivers about the speed bumps.


  • Type 1.11 – “Hill” – in the form of an equilateral triangle with a 900 mm side.
  • Type 3.29 – “Restriction of maximum speed to 30 km/h” – in the form of a 700 mm diameter circle.

If the width of the carriageway (distance between the curbs) is 10 m, you need:

  • basic elements – 18 pcs.,
  • end elements – 2 pcs.

18 x 0.5 m + 2 x 0.32 m = 9.64 m – the width of the speed bump (0.18 m is left on both sides for water drainage near the curbs).