Road Surface Markings and Thermoplastic Signs

The „Dorozhni Znaky” Company offers the application of road surface markings with paint and plastic. High-quality paint from leading domestic and European manufacturers is used for traditional marking. Special glass glass microbeads can be added to the paint to achieve a light-reflecting (retroreflective) effect of marking. The warranty operation life of painted road markings complies with the ДСТУ 2587:2021 Standard.

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In addition, we offer a qualitatively new solution for marking the road surface, using the technology of two-component cold-applied plastic.

Plastic is a composition of several components: acrylic resins, pigments, light fillers. Plastic masses are laid on a dry, clean road surface in a cold state at an ambient temperature of more than 5° C. Hardening occurs due to the addition of a hardener at the last working stage, i.e. immediately before the plastic is placed on the road surface. After applying plastic to the road surface, traffic can be opened already after 20-25 minutes (at an ambient temperature of 18 – 25° C).

To improve the visibility of the road surface markings and the visual orientation of drivers in the dark part of the day on sections of the road without artificial lighting, the markings are performed using light-reflecting glass microspheres – retro-reflective glass beads – of up to 0.5 mm diameter, which increases the lighting effect of the markings by 4.5 to 11 times.

Plastic allows us to give the road marking a noise effect, since the marking line thickness can vary from 0.3 mm to 5 mm. Cold plastic of different colours can be used to apply road markings: white, red, yellow or of other colour, at the customer’s request.

The two-component plastic technology allows us to duplicate traffic signs on the roadway.

Road surface markings made using cold plastic application technology will meet the standard requirements for three years, provided that the rules of highway operation are followed. Thermoplastic traffic signs applied to the road surface are 6 – 8 times more durable than ordinary road markings. In addition, they are not harmed by water, spilled fuel, lubricants, atmospheric pollution, as well as low temperatures.


Such signs consist of a mixture containing pigments, binding elements and 30% of microbeads. Thanks to the reflective properties, thermoplastic signs are clearly visible both at night and in the daytime. The appropriate thickness of the sign (about 3 mm) ensures a durable operation life and high resistance to damage.


Preformed Traffic Signs made of TopMark thermoplastics are previously formed signs made of thermoplastic material (semi-finished products) that meet all requirements for horizontal traffic signs.

Easy application, colour stability and durability on the road are the biggest advantages of this solution.
Do you want to apply permanent surface markings on the school sports field? Or maybe you want to create a gaming area with different game designs?
“PlayMark” is an ideal solution for the artistic design of a playground for educational, sports or entertainment purposes.