Electronic Traffic Signs


In 2021 the ДСТУ EN 12966:2021 (EN 12966:2014 + A1:2018, IDT) – Vertical Traffic Signs and the ДСТУ 4101:2021 – Road Safety Standards entered into force.
Traffic signs installed on the roads of Ukraine must warn road users against the appearance of dangers on certain sections of highways, namely, the appearance of children, animals, dangerous turns, repair and emergency works...


Having analyzed the ДСТУ EN 12966:2021 and the ДСТУ 4101:2021 Standards, we combined in one device (structure) all the information that maximally warns the road user about that or another emergency situation and prevents the creation of an emergency situation:

1. Two circular-shaped yellow lights in the upper sign part will continuously flash (blink) at a certain interval (frequency).
A yellow round light means “CAUTION!” and is used in traffic light installations, street and road lamps, etc.
We applied road sign 1.39 (according to the ДСТУ 4101:2021 Standard) of different dimension types (depending on the motor road category) under the yellow lights, in the upper part of the structure.
We used the laconic inscription “WARNING!” (“CAUTION!”) in the lower part of the structure, which reveals the meaning of the traffic sign and allows road users to read and understand the warning more fully. Such combination informs and signals the road user about the danger.
And what kind of danger is this?

2. Therefore, after a certain period of time (interval), information specifying the kind of danger is highlighted on this device (structure). Namely: road sign 1.41 and the brief inscription “CAUTION!” (“WARNING!”).
After the road user has read this information and understood what danger exactly may meet him on his way, there is a need to give the road user a hint on how to proceed.

3. So, after a certain period of time (interval) the device (structure) displays information telling you how to act in this case, namely: road sign 3.29 and the concise inscription “DON’T HURRY!”

4. Thus, it is an innovation to combine in one device (structure) sequential displaying of a certain set of traffic signs, with a certain interval (depending on the category of highways), in combination with a concise text corresponding to this road sign and flashing yellow lights.

These VMS electronic signs are protected by a patent:


CERTIFICATE No. 115908 dated January 18, 2023